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Welcome To Darrell Crews Septic Pumping!

If you are looking for first-class septic tank service, you have come to the right place! We are in your area and have what you need to keep your septic system running smoothly. We are here to serve you and answer any questions you may have.

Having been in business in Northeast Florida since 2002, Darrell Crews Septic Tanks and our courteous staff is available 24-7 to handle any of your septic tank pumping needs. We also handle grease trap pumping problems that may occur as well as sump pump repair, sump pump replacement.  We even handle septic tank inspection as well as lift station cleaning and pump-outs.

We do replacements of septic tanks and pump outs.  Darrell Crews Septic Tanks is a JEA Preferred Waste Hauler of F.O.G.  We do inspections of septic tanks and grease traps, and are happy to write inspection letters to keep your business or operation in compliance with all of the government regulatory agencies.  We offer a range of services, including grease trap pumping, septic tank pumping, and sump pump repair, sump pump replacement, septic tank inspections, and lift station cleaning.  When the septic contractor goes to clean out your septic tank, it should be pumped out through the septic systems manhole, not through its smaller inspection ports.  Insist on your tank being cleaned through the manhole and not the inspection port, as this ensures removal of all the solids from the septic tank.  Be sure that the septic tank is cleaned out completely, with nothing being left in the tank.  Any solids or sludge left in the septic tank can clog the drainpipes and cause the need for very expensive repairs in the future.

Eventually, your septic tank will have too many solids in its tank and the septic tank will need to be cleansed of those solids.  Some people call this septic tank cleaning, while others refer to it as septic tank pumping.  Regardless of how you refer to it, it is still a necessary and important step in proper septic system maintenance.  If these solids are allowed to accumulate, they will eventually enter the drain pipes and clog the drain field, and this will lead to unsanitary and unsafe conditions.  It is also necessary to have septic tank inspections done periodically.  The same thing goes for grease trap pumping too.  If it is not maintained properly, the result would be unpleasant odors and back-ups.

We also do sump pump repair and sump pump replacement if the situation calls for it.

Not all septic contractors clean septic systems or even have the equipment necessary to properly pump the solids out of your septic tank.  Some septic contractors only clean septic tanks, while others will only repair them or only install them.  It's important to know the capabilities and expertise of the septic tank cleaning and pumping contractor you hire.  We also do lift station cleaning and pump-outs.  Additionally, different jurisdictions have different requirements for a person to be a septic tank contractor.  Check with your local government regarding their regulations for septic contractors and make sure your septic contractor adheres to those regulations.

Some local jurisdictions also have individual requirements regarding how often a septic tank must be pumped, so you will want to check local statutes regarding septic tank cleaning.  Most septic systems have inspection ports for you to check the levels of accumulated solids in your tank, so you will know when it is time to have your septic tank cleaned and pumped.  Be careful to use the inspection port to check the level of solids, and not through the manhole.

Your septic tank system's manhole should only be handled by a licensed septic contractor to avoid any serious injury from the manhole cover itself, or from any of the noxious gases that may be released once the manhole cover is removed.  Keeping accurate maintenance records will remind you when it should be time to have your septic tank cleaned.